N° 3004B

The No 3004B olive knuckle hinge employs an interior bearing system for smooth operation with standard or heavy doors. The parabolic profile of the knuckles presents a handsome decorative element when an alternative to butt hinges is required. Unlike most competing products which are made in parts and soldered together, the No 3004 is of solid forging, making it both stronger and more attractive. It measures 6” x 4” with a leaf gauge of 0.250”. The hinge can be finished in a wide variety of Nanz plated and patinated finishes. The hinge is handed; a right-hand hinge is shown. Smaller versions, the No 3001 and No 3002, are suitable for cabinetry. Plain, straight, roped, knurled, faceted, and octagonal bushings can be substituted for the beaded version shown.

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