Yacht Hardware


Charged with the task of designing yacht hardware, our engineers developed a highly resilient line that is nearly immune to the challenges posed by sea air and salt spray. NANZ created patented products containing rare earth magnets and pneumatic springs that are particularly apt for yachts by combining non-ferrous brass and stainless steel components, with mechanisms that are over-engineered for long, maintenance-free operation. 

Below are photos of a recent project: the newly restored superyacht, Malahne  by our friend, the designer Guy Oliver of Oliver Laws, with whom we developed some bespoke hardware for the project. Read the full story at Boat International Magazine.

Super Yacht 15

Super Yacht 2

Super Yacht 5

Super Yacht 6

Super Yacht 7

Super Yacht 8

Super Yacht 9

Super Yacht 3

Super Yacht 10

Super Yacht 11

Super Yacht 12

Super Yacht 14