Manufacturing fine custom hardware for beautiful homes throughout the world is our charge. Headquartered in New York City with a 50,000 square foot factory on Long Island, The Nanz Company specializes in not only the fabrication of the best handles, hinges, locks, and fittings but also the specification and organization of these exclusive products. Combining a network of showrooms and sales offices in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami and London, along with a team of project managers and engineers,  our process ensures hardware satisfaction and is virtually foolproof.  Our experts are nearby and available to consult, survey, or trouble-shoot any project or installation before, during and after the project has been completed.

It is our well-executed and hand finished product by which our clients are initially attracted.  With over 3000 products in an unbridled variety of both modern and historic finishes, the combinations are essentially  limitless.  Our initial products were based on hardware made by great American Companies like Yale, Norwalk, Corbin Russwin, and Sargent. These were Connecticut makers which had abandoned making cast bronze hardware to assist with the war effort. Our engineers created a new and improved version of these products to complete restoration projects where not enough of the original handles were in existence. Aesthetically our handles were virtually indistinguishable, but the mechanics were vastly improved. That was how we began and has always been our engineering and manufacturing ideology.

And while our original efforts were focused on creating door knobs and lever handles, we soon began producing the finest hinges and now we are making and patenting some of the most advanced and highly-engineered locks and latches available.  Our latest projects have been centered around our clients’ request to provide coordinated bath hardware.  We operate a 5-person atelier from our headquarters in Soho. With a team of artists, artisans, engineers and designers, we are constantly creating new ideas and products based on our interests and the needs of our clients.  These new inventions are revealed through private client presentations.  We invite you to visit any of our showrooms or to email us to request samples of our work or to inquire about any needs you may have.