Nº 2017

The No 2017 lever, companion to the No 1017 knob, blends the nascent functionalism of the early 20th century with a classical elegance. The handle tapers outwards, ending in a slight dome with a clean edge. The streamlined shank flares out to neatly join the raised center of the rose. This round-edged rose can be substituted with a variety of other roses. Finishes available include polished chrome, burnished brass, polished nickel and pewter as well as a wide range of other plated and patinated finishes. The handle can be used with traditional full-mortise locksets or manufactured for use with multi-point doors, tilt & turn windows as well as lift & slide doors. The lever measures 4-1/8″ with a projection of 2-3/4”.

The tearsheet will provide a printable image and description of this product.