For certain special projects, our clients have elected to order hardware that combines materials and finishes in imaginative ways. We’ve worked with wood, leather, stone, crystal and precious metals. We can also powder coat hardware. As one might imagine the possibilities are endless, so we have simply provided an edited selection of the materials and finishes we offer. While combinations are somewhat intuitive, there are certainly limitations. We ask you consult a member of our team about achieving your ideal handle and we will work creatively to make it happen.

We can incorporate leather in a number of interesting ways. We can use the material to wrap components like grips for pulls or levers, we can use leather as a field covering for escutcheon plates or flush pulls or we can use saddle leather to serve as the pull itself. These variations are relatively achievable but require a degree of engineering in order to best select the type and thickness of the hide. Clients sometimes supply the leather for matching other elements of an interior.

The tearsheet will provide a printable image and description of this product.