Nº 7820

Ball or roller catches are often specified on double doors, non-walk-in closets, jib doors, secret doors or any applications that do not require a lockset. The No 7820 magnet catch is a superior alternative to either ball or roller catches. Since the mechanism operates via magnetic attraction, the door is pulled closed and need not be pushed into place, as with a roller or ball catch. When opening, the magnetic bolt presses against a spring-loaded strike, which gives way under a precise amount of force. The strike spring is adjustable so the release is smooth and predictable, with a very reassuring sound. When the door is open, the bolt and strike remain flush providing for a minimal visual presence. This catch may be installed on the top of a door or on the edge where a lockset would otherwise be located. The face plates of each component are available in all plated and patinated finishes.

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