Nº 2921

The Nanz No 2921 Gio Ponti lever, based on a design by Giovanni Ponti from the 1950s, embodies elegant fluidity and expresses modern simplicity and the balance of form and function. The subtleties of the design give the No 2921 a refined update to the classical homage. The slender handle tapers through its length and smoothly transitions to a cylindrical shank. The plain round rose features a unique design of minimal projection and diameter allowing it to be secured to doors without any visible fasteners. The No 2921 is available in all Nanz plated and patinated finishes. and can be used with any traditional mortise locksets. It is also available for use with multi-point doors and tilt & turn windows.

The tearsheet will provide a printable image and description of this product.

*Special Product: Due to the production process, tooling and fixturing may be required prior to order fulfillment.