Nº 2006W

The Nº 2006W Bauhaus lever, based on a design by Walter Gropius from the 1920s, embodies the School’s belief in simple geometric forms as the basis of good design. While the lever is simple in form, the subtleties of the design should not be overlooked. Shown here with a wood grip, the handle can be provided in a variety of finishes and textures. The outer edge of the shank curves in a slight radius transitioning from the shank’s square section to round and producing small triangular shapes comparable to a dome’s pendentives. It can also be ordered with a round rose and hidden fasteners. All Nanz plated and patinated finishes are available. The Nº 2006W can be used with traditional mortise locksets and also available for use with multi-point doors and tilt & turn windows. A selection of related products is also available.

The tearsheet will provide a printable image and description of this product.