Nº 1114

The ornamental accumulation of classical motifs of the No 1114 knob is characteristic of Robert Adam’s Neoclassicism of the later 18th century. Scrolling acanthus leaves surround and cover the face of the knob and a beaded molding rings the edge. The baluster-shaped shank is fitted to a rose which is also beaded. Full mortise entry locks, privacy locks, passage latches and tubular latches can be provided for use with this knob. Suitable finishes include antique gold, antique silver and light antique brass, as well as other patinated finishes. The handle is often specified for use with the No 2015 lever and is sometimes adorned with a beaded escutcheon plate for a more formal appearance. Roses of varying degrees of ornamentation can be provided with this knob. A selection of related products is also available. It measures 2-5/8″ x 1-1/2″ with a rose diameter of 2”.

The tearsheet will provide a printable image and description of this product.

*Special Product: Due to the production process, tooling and fixturing may be required prior to order fulfillment.