Nº 1080

The No 1080 knob is derived from a chaste phase of Neoclassicism during the late 18th century. The drum-shaped knob is ringed by a row of beads with a cavetto forming a transition to the face. It is also available with a roped astragal. The knob can be cast with any initials desired in any style of script. The Nanz Company maintains an archive of engraving fonts to aid in the selection process. Full mortise entry locks, privacy locks, passage latches and tubular latches are available for use with this knob, as are a myriad of rose designs. Finishes available include, though are not limited to, antique brass, dark oxidized bronze and antique gold or silver. The knob measures 2-1/2″ in diameter with a projection of 2-3/8”.

The tearsheet will provide a printable image and description of this product.

*Special Product: Due to the production process, tooling and fixturing may be required prior to order fulfillment.