The W.P. Sullivan Hardware Collection


William P. Sullivan is an award winning designer and sculptor known for his emphasis on craftsmanship. His designs are a delicate balance between organic forms and an underlying formal construction. He started carving at the age of ten and by age twenty-one was commissioned by the Metropolitan Museum of Art to reproduce a missing 14 foot Tiffany mantel piece. Since then, he went on to develop a quiet reputation among New York’s top interior designers and architects, first as a woodcarver, then as a designer of functional sculpture. Having pushed the limits of what could be carved from wood, in the 1990s, he started experimenting with bronze, and later on incorporating other elements such as stone, glass and porcelain. For the last 40 years his work has graced the interiors of Parrish Hadley, Christian Dior, Robert A.M. Stern, Peter Marino and Tiffany & Co. among others.

W.P. Sullivan believes that hardware is a connection between two environments with which one must engage. His intent has been to leave a tactile imprint through that experience. W.P. Sullivan is excited to embark on a collaboration with The Nanz Company to create this collection of sculptural hardware.